Hogwarts’ walls are slowly disintegrating, making even the most laid-back students wonder what is going on. While the adults create lies and keep quiet, the students are beginning to create their own opinions and make decisions that could change the course of their lives. What happens within a student’s time at Hogwarts will shape who they become outside of school. Their allies and enemies will define them.

RP Time: February 1977

themarauders-girl asked "Are you still accepting characters?"

Yes, definitely. We’d love to have some new blood in the rp.

    alectofuckingcarrow asked "*sobs* I wish we had an Amycus! I really, really wish we had one!"

    We really do need the other half of the Carrow twins! 

    If anyone is interested, here’s a link to his bio: [link].

      charmingsirius asked "Very dedicated! As in the admins will have to kick me out in order for me to leave!"

      See! Couldn’t get rid of her if we tried… but we’d never try because she’s perfect. 

        Anonymous asked "what happened to all of the members you had?"

        Unfortunately things came up in their lives and they had to leave or they went inactive. We still have a small band of very dedicated roleplayers, however, that would love for some new people to join the rp. 

James Potter
            Congrats, Paige! Your app for James Potter has been accepted.  You know what to do!
Applicant’s Information:
Name/Alias: Paige
Age (16+)*: 24
Timezone: EST
Activity Level: 7-8
Any RP experience?: Lots. I’ve been roleplaying since I was 11.
Why did you choose this RP? Cause it is amazing and I love everyone here
Random Fact about yourself? I dream about unicorns a lot.
If accepted, would you be comfortable with your application being posted on the main as an example? Sure?
*this is not applicable to current members
Character Information:
Who you are applying for: James Potter
What drew you to this character? I think James is a really fun one to play cause he is kind of douchey and cocky but all sorts of wonderful and a sweetheart when he wants to be.
Briefly explain what you gathered from their bio: James is a sweetheart and loyal to the core. He puts up a front because he doesn’t want everyone seeing that soft side, he would rather give the appearance that he doesn’t care because if everyone knew he cared, they could see how hurt he was by any sort of betrayal.
How do you intend to play this character? How do you plan to expand from the bio?I want to explore that side of James that made him such an amazing husband and father, clearly he had to go through a lot to get that way and I think it will be interesting to see that transformation from the cocky quidditch captain to the person who would lay down his life for those that he loved.
Changes to the FC or bio: Adam Brody FC puh-lease
In your own words and in one sentence describe your character: A cocky bastard who really just wants the woman he loves to notice him.
Please create three headcanons from this list and write them here: 1. When James is angry he goes to the quidditch pitch. He likes to do a few laps around the pitch to calm down, unless it is really bad and then he will do a few laps before drowning his sorrows in a bottle of firewhiskey. 2. The strongest memory from James’ childhood is the first time he rode a broom. He was just three years old and his father, much to his mother’s chagrin, got him his very own beginner broom. With a start, James took off and abruptly fell off, breaking a leg and a rib in the process, but that never stopped him and by the age of four he was zipping around the yard. 3. The thing that James dislikes the most is disloyalty. He views his friends as the family that he has chosen for himself and he would do anything for them and expects the same in return.
Does your character have a patronus? Yes. James’ patronus is the stag, like his animagus form.
Character’s boggart? Those that he loves being tortured and killed and unable to stop or protect them.
Character’s wand: 11”, Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring
Character’s Birthday: 27 March 1960
Any student leadership positions? Gryffindor Chaser and Quidditch Captain.
Para Sample: Removed for privacy

            Congrats, Paige! Your app for James Potter has been accepted.  You know what to do!

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              Amycus Carrow
Rita Skeeter

                Anonymous asked "When will you accept?"

                As soon as I’ve read over an application, I’ll make a decision and post it. As it is, I’ve got no applications. I’d love for that to change!

Marlene McKinnon
James Potter

                    Anonymous asked "Since this is based in the late 70's, will be there any announcements of acts of war? Families being missing or killed? Certain Slytherin's becoming Death Eaters and so on? Or is this purely a Hogwarts school based RP?"

                    Yes, we’ll have those types of announcements and have before! A few months ago a character and her family had been killed by Death Eaters and it was actually very, very sad. Just recently Lily Evans’ parents were killed and at least three Slytherins already have ties with Voldemort.