Hogwarts’ walls are slowly disintegrating, making even the most laid-back students wonder what is going on. While the adults create lies and keep quiet, the students are beginning to create their own opinions and make decisions that could change the course of their lives. What happens within a student’s time at Hogwarts will shape who they become outside of school. Their allies and enemies will define them.

RP Time: February 1977

Anonymous asked "Since this is based in the late 70's, will be there any announcements of acts of war? Families being missing or killed? Certain Slytherin's becoming Death Eaters and so on? Or is this purely a Hogwarts school based RP?"

Yes, we’ll have those types of announcements and have before! A few months ago a character and her family had been killed by Death Eaters and it was actually very, very sad. Just recently Lily Evans’ parents were killed and at least three Slytherins already have ties with Voldemort.

    Rodolphus Lestrange
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      Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

      Meet our new affiliate!

      Beauxbatons academy of magic, founded in 1467, is located in southern France and is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools for witchcraft and wizardry in all of Europe, and it surely takes the prize for most luxurious. Its students have received some of the best magical education around for hundreds of years, and the students attending the school now, in 2003, get no less. Five years have passed since the defeat of Lord Voldemort, and the wizarding world is finally at peace, leaving the students of Beauxbatons and all other schools to focus not only on their studies, but their personal lives as well. What will this year bring for the students of Beauxbatons? Je ne sais pas, mais il sera une année inoubliable…

      A multipara harry potter-based RP.

                       It’s currently September 2003, the beginning of a                                                                                      new school year.

      Currently accepting male and female students, professors, and OCs.

      Main Page

        Remus Lupin is reserved for 24 hours.

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Emmeline Vance
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            Congrats, Amber! Your app for Emmeline Vance has been accepted. We loved your application! Go ahead and send us your URL so everyone can follow you. Take a look at our checklist for new members here!
Applicant’s Information:

Name/Alias: Amber
Age (16+)*: 16
Timezone: GMT
Activity Level: I’d say a steady seven out of ten; though significantly more so in two weeks time, when the summer holidays start (thus leaving me with more time to wither away in my bedroom on my laptop.)
Any RP experience?: Yes; I’ve played Remus Lupin in a handful of Marauders era, and Emmeline in one or two. I’m also currently active in a Marvel roleplay, as Leopold Fitz from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Why did you choose this RP? I said before that I’ve dabbled in having Emmeline as my muse, but recently that muse has been coming back and nagging at me to let her play. I do miss playing her, and I don’t currently roleplay any girls: but I do want to try at a new side to her, which was what this roleplay provided with the bio. I also just like the general plot and, from what I can tell, the welcoming aura. On top of all that, I like canon. I can tell that, from the links you provided to 70’s slang to 70’s fashion, that this is a roleplay that coincides with canon (and I like that in a roleplay.)
Random Fact about yourself?: I have a four year old horsefield tortoise.
If accepted, would you be comfortable with your application being posted on the main as an example?: Yes, I would :)
*this is not applicable to current members

Character Information:

Who you are applying for: Emmeline Marie Vance
What drew you to this character? I said further up the application that I wanted to try out a whole new twist to this character, and your bio made me even more ready to get out the dusty ol’ Emmeline muse. The majority of roleplays have the same thing: “straight O student but hates working” “spends all her time with the Marauders”. You know, those kind of things. I’ve never really seen a bio that both makes her her owncharacter rather than a piece in the Marauders’ game, and even the little things drew me to her (for example, the fact that she isn’t an only child.)
Briefly explain what you gathered from their bio: Emmeline Vance is stuck in the storm that so many around her have found themselves slaves to: the only way to escape this being decisions that map out the rest of their life. Emmeline didn’t so much make a choice, per se, rather than just go with what she believed was right: and in this case, the Death Eaters were so, so very wrong. Though unwillingly and unfairly caught in the midst of a war, she still enjoys her time at Hogwarts; making friends with those who are welcoming, striving to become the best version of herself that she can (though it’s rather pointless, in her opinion, when she comes home with one less O than her sister had and is forced to reflect on her mistakes like a child, tail between legs, is forced to sit on a naughty step after misbehaving.) She’s only sixteen-you’ll never hear this coming from her own mouth, but she’s still just a child. A child trapped between two walls that won’t stop enclosing around her unless shemakes them. So that’s what she’s going to do.
How do you intend to play this character?: I intend to play Emmeline as someone with ambitions higher than she can reach: a trait she gained herself, due to the insistent reminders and updates about how well Arabella (her sister) has been doing since graduating. I also plan to draw out the stubbornness I see in her: the way it was written in her bio that she isn’t afraid to take someone down a peg if they dare insult her heritance makes me see her as someone who sees things in black and white rather than shades of grey, rendering her unafraid of telling someone this opinion of hers. If accepted, I’d also invest time in developing her character-highlighting and building on the parts of her that I have yet to mention (for example, her moral and ethnic thoughts, or even things as simple as her favourite food, or her sexuality.)                         
Changes to the FC or bio: If alright, I’d really like to play Emmeline with the faceclaim of Hannah Spearitt.

In your own words and in one sentence describe your character: A bubble formed from the rarities of profoundness, laughter, power and doubt: a prodded, bubble refusing to burst.
Please create three headcanons from this list and write them here:
¬ Emmeline’s most reassured possession is the silver ring she wears on the index finger of her left hand-the likelihood of seeing this finger naked is extremely low in odds. The ring is a silver band, with the name ‘Vance’ etched into it; a family heirloom, passed down to each generation when they turn sixteen. Of course, Emmeline’s sister, Arabella, turned sixteen before she did: Emmeline’s isn’t the real heirloom, just a copy her father made (but she treasures it all the same.)
¬Emm is happiest and most content when surrounded by creatures. These creatures could be from the Muggle world; aquatic and reptiles being the most interesting to her. But the Wizarding world too has creatures that make her feel home; from puffskin to the thestrals only seen by those who have seen someone pass through the veil, she can’t help but find them interesting. If she finds herself without a role in the Wizarding society, Emmeline currently believes she will get her degree in herpetology and work at a zoo: but not before seeing a dragon. If she bites the dust before seeing a dragon, she won’t be a happy (dead) soul.
¬Emmeline wants to die in the least noble way as possible. She doesn’t want to snuff it fighting the enemy that she known, deep down, she will fight. She doesn’t want her infinity to end when sacrificing her life for someone she loves (though if it came down to it, she would.) No, Emmeline wants to die a much more selfish and ambiguous death: in her sleep, at an old age, having achieved all she possibly could and having caught her desires. She isn’t religious, so she doesn’t know what will happen after; if the light at the end of her tunnel be the sky or hell fire, so be it. So long as it’s a long tunnel.
Does your character have a patronus? Explain: Emmeline hasn’t cast a patronus as of yet. It’s not that she hasn’t tried: but the silver wisps taunted her as they refused to become corporal. Her memory isn’t strong enough-a problem that occurs in so many students when they try to think of their happiest places and times. She had been using the memories of her school years (the havoc, those kinds of things.) Her truest, most powerful memory is closer to home, little to her knowledge. When her thought brings strength and life to the spell, the patronus will take the form of a badger: for when need be, she can be protectively aggressive. But also because, when she finds a home and a family she connects with, she isn’t willing to let them go.
Character’s boggart?: The last time Emmeline saw a Boggart, she was 12 (she happened to come across one on a group exploration of the castle.) It took the form of a tight, isolated space; and Emmeline felt as if she were in it, despite several witnesses informing her that she was stood in front of it the whole time. The blonde had always hated enclosed areas; claustrophobic, her mother would say, with a light (yet condescending) shake of her head as the family had to take a portkey instead of the floo network. She hasn’t seen a Boggart since, but it would still have this form.
Character’s wand: English oak wood, reasonably supple, 12” and with a dragon heartstring core.
Character’s Birthday: August 21st. This makes Emmeline a Leo; a star sign of which I believe to suit her. Just a few of the traits for a Leo are “ambitious”, “loyal”, “independent” and “stubborn”, and these four characteristics alone are enough to educate someone on her personality.
Any student leadership positions?: None as of yet. (Of course, Arabella was both Prefect and Head Girl. Emmeline, however, is the anomaly.)

Para Sample:

It wasn’t often that the Ravenclaw tower was empty.  On some occasions, yes, there would only be two or three robed students scattered around the room: but absolute isolation?  A rarity indeed.
 Emmeline Vance was lucky enough to, after telling the insolent gargoyle the answer to its riddle (it had taken a while: what gets wetter and wetter the more that I dries?) to find a common room, fire blazing, without a single other sole in sight. She considered leaving to find company (most were probably watching the Quidditch practice, or attending a club) but Emmeline wanted to savour this moment; she knew, from six years of experience, that a moment like this would not come again.
That in mind, after digging out the most recent edition of The Daily Prophet, she allowed herself to recline on the comfiest of armchairs; body sideways so that her legs were swinging off of the arm rest.  It only took one swift movement, a split second in which she unfolded the newspaper, to cause her soaring spirits to be shot, tumbling and hurtling to an inevitable doom with each word processed by her mind.
“Cloaked Men Cause Muggle Massacre”
The two latter words were enough to cause the layer of dread lining her stomach with each report like this to thicken. She was apt in complaining about her family, her mother especially; but the thought of her mother and Muggle relatives being killed for who they were? It was enough to thaw the iciest hearts and freeze the warmest.

An hour or so that would have been spent reading and enjoying the brisk air the ajar window was allowing to pass through was snatched away, replaced with an evening of jittery thoughts. Emmeline saw the followers, these Death Eaters, as though they were sleeper agents. Hiding among everyone else, lurking in the shadows. The moments they step into the light being the moments everyone fears because those are the moments that the sanity leaves their eyes and the malevolence takes its place.

It was a maze upon a maze. And soon, the new maze, the one submerged into storm clouds would cover the one filled with light. The foundation may be the same, but the silver linings would turn to grey,blurred lines. Nothing would be what it was and in each corner would be crossroads upon crossroads: where you make the right decision and fight, or you succumb to the new ways.

Emmeline knew she would chose the former, and that when the figures did leave their dark and sullen homes, she would not forget that.

            Congrats, Amber! Your app for Emmeline Vance has been accepted. We loved your application! Go ahead and send us your URL so everyone can follow you. Take a look at our checklist for new members here!

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              Emmeline Vance is reserved for 24 hours.

                Anonymous asked "Most wanted male and female characters?"

                Most wanted males:

                Most wanted females:

                  Marlene McKinnon
Amelia Bones
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                    Congrats, Megan! Your app for Amelia Bones has been accepted.  You know what to do!
Name/Alias: Megan (Troubleclef)Age (16+)*: 20Timezone: ESTActivity Level: Mid - evenings and afternoonsAny RP experience?: Quite a lot, as Alice would knowWhy did you choose this RP? Cause Alice is da bestest and I liked it when I was a part beforeRandom Fact about yourself? Broadway nerdIf accepted, would you be comfortable with your application being posted on the main as an example? Yes’m.
Who you are applying for: Amelia BonesWhat drew you to this character? It’s my Melia, I love my Melia, my poor sweet baby eagle of justice who never gets married but is fiercely in favor of equal rights and works towards that end through the Ministry and the Law rather through the warlike ways of her classmates. They may have told her that she was going about this the wrong way, and maybe they were right, and in the end she has to watch as all her friends die or disappear or get locked away and then she’s left all alone with her thoughts and the little family she has left.Briefly explain what you gathered from their bio: I WROTE IT. How do you intend to play this character? How do you plan to expand from the bio?I intend to have Amelia working as hard as she can at school while still maintaining her friendships with everyone, as tensions rise, I’m sure that she will stick fiercely to her friend’s sides. But when they ask her to fight, she will hesitate, for she’s not a fighting sort. She’s a fierce badger, but her battles are battles of wit and words, not wands. She tells them that they should fight this way too… but…
In your own words and in one sentence describe your character: Amelia is a fierce and stubborn girl with ambitions to put the world to rights through Justice and the Law; she does this for her friends and for her family and even those who aren’t, but fears that maybe her efforts will not be enough sometimes. Please create three headcanons from this list and write them here:-What is it that your character most dislikes? Willful ignorance, the hardening against change and refusal to acknowledge that no matter what you do that it will happen. Purebloods especially get on her nerves because of this.-When and where were your character the happiest? In the middle of a spritely converation with her friends in the Great Hall. Always lifts her spirits and gets her ready for the day, whether it’s about the virtues of custard versus cake or the conservation of dragons.-What does your character consider their greatest achievement? So far in her academic career, she has become a prefect of the school and gotten 6 Os on her OWLs, these are her achievements of which she is most proud. Were she to become Head Girl, of course, that would be her greatest.
Does your character have a patronus? She does produce a large gorilla patronus, which surprised most of the proctors at her OWLs exam. Such a tiny girl producing such a large and vicious creature? But she will be the first to point out that gorillas are in fact peaceful and communicative creatures and that they nurture everyone in their community, as she intends to do. (Though, she herself was terrified of her own patronus upon first successful casting which spurred her need to research it’s meaning.)Character’s boggart? Her brother and friends dying. There was very little Amelia could find humorous about the situation, which lead to her teacher leading her out of the room and reminding her that her friends were, in fact, alive. This was a formative experience in Amelia’s social growth, leading to her protectiveness of her friends and family.Character’s wand: 9 inch vine wand of unicorn hair core.Character’s Birthday: October 16thAny student leadership positions? Prefect of HufflepuffPara SampleThere were only two things that Amelia Bones seemed to do in Muggle Studies. The first of them was to take note. The second was arguing with Antonin Dolohov, the Slytherin boy with the dark eyes and the quick tongue. He baffled Amelia for the most part. She would fumble if asked to describe a positive trait of the man. Her eyebrows would knit together and she’d look at the asker as if the man had lost his mind. After a few moments she would grasp at, “Intelligent, I suppose?” before trying to push the question away with, “Why, do you think there’s anything good about him?” She didn’t much like Slytherins in general, but Antonin drove under her skin with far more efficiency than the rest of them.When they argued, she didn’t stop to think of the impression she left on the rest of the class, who were forced to sit in silence while the duo went at it. Her hands would roll about in the air, punctuating her points with bursts of motion. If Antonin made her truly angry, she’d end up standing still with her fingers clutching in her robe pockets, trying desperately not to grab her wand and hex him in front of the teacher and twenty witnesses.She hoped today was going to be a quiet day. She was keeping her head down, quill scratching quickly to grasp the key points of discussion before they flew by. She didn’t say much to the woman’s questions, her head aching and her body slowing down with the beginnings of an inconvenient illness. She entertained plans of going to Madame Pomfrey after class, but her schedule was far too tightly packed to allow it. She had Potions and she had History of Magic and she had a steadily rising pile of homework to do during her free hours.But of course…She slid her eyes from the scroll to Antonin Dolohov, who sat halfway down the row from her. He might as well have been breathing down her neck for how much she was aware of him, waiting for him to leap onto some discussion topic with his usual snap of the tongue. Then Amelia would have to volley an argument back at him. Then the rest of the curriculum would dissolve within the near violent dialogue. The teacher liked to call it ‘discussion’ and imply to the rest of the faculty that it included the entire class and was generally peaceful.Amelia had heard one of her classmates joke that Muggle Studies was “Amelia and Antonin Hour,” which made her feel guilty for causing a scene. She was sure that Antonin felt no such remorse and so she waited for the match to strike, her mind running over what he could possibly find to pick at today.

                    Congrats, Megan! Your app for Amelia Bones has been accepted.  You know what to do!

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